We work with Corporations to provide Venture Driven Growth
Our companies have technologies that think differently: Source vetted, high quality, products and technologies from EMERGING REGIONS that think differently than legacy, US-based solutions

We bring together a network of partners, corporations, entrepreneurs, and leaders to solve real problems, create value and drive GROWTH.

Our unique proposition is providing ACCESS to emerging technology from emerging regions.

We enable corporations to tap into entrepreneurs and capital to reduce risk, and accelerate  the creation of new lines of business.

Value And Return

Cost of development and initial market launch in emerging regions provide a return on committed capital not available to similar startup activities in the US, increasing the VALUATION UPSIDE.

Value Arbitrage

Valuations of technology and businesses are SIGNIFICANTLY LESS in their home countries and exponentially INCREASE to US valuation when launched in the US

Join our community

If you are interested in discussing, sourcing, and working with the best international companies with a dedicated network of investors, entrepreneurs, executives and advisors, let’s talk!

We have different ways to access emerging technologies that will  increase you business outcomes. ​

How you can engage​


Direct investment into our fund to access great companies in your field that get scaled support that decreases risk.

Venture Architects

Expand into the US with a custom strategy and fractional support services that scale as you grow.

Sponsorship/ Partnership

Global brand awareness and access to unique technologies.

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